Thursday 10/12  7:30 pm

(doors open 7:00 pm)

How to

defuse a bomb: The Project Children Story (Narrated by Liam Neeson)


Directed by:  Des Henderson


Film Synopsis: Forty years ago, a New York City cop, frustrated by the daily reports of wanton violence emanating from Northern Ireland, decided he couldn’t stand idly by whilst two communities tore each other apart in what amounted to a civil war. So he came up with a plan. Denis Mulcahy, an Irish emigrant, hit upon the idea of taking children - children who he saw on the nightly news manning barricades and throwing petrol bombs - away from the violence and bringing them to America. For a summer free from marches, murder and mayhem, and where they could get to know their ‘enemy’ neighbours in a neutral environment.





Friday 10/13
8:00 pm

(doors open 7:30 pm)




Directed by: Zack Bennett (writer, director, producer)


Film Synopsis: Unable to walk due to the neuromuscular disorder, Friedreich’s ataxia (FA), Kyle Bryant and a team of friends attempt the most grueling bicycle race in the world, The Race Across America (RAAM). The feature-length documentary, “The Ataxian,” spotlights a man whose will and determination carry him and his teammates across a continent under almost impossible conditions—an act that sparks others to take action in their own lives. Stunning cinematography exposes raw, unfiltered emotions juxtaposed against the most inspiring landscapes across America. With purity and grace, the film examines the life of a man aggressively living every moment in a race against his own mortality.


“Triumphant…when a movie jumps through and into your soul, then and only then do you have a film…”

– Paul Booth, RichGirlTV







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Saturday 10/14
7:30 pm

(doors open 7:00 pm)


Big Sonia


Directed by: Lina PlioplyteLeah Warshawski and Todd Soliday


Film Synopsis:   Standing tall at 4’8″, Sonia Warshawski is a tiny woman with a huge personality. Diva, business owner and Holocaust survivor, Sonia has just been served an eviction notice for John’s Tailoring, the last (and most popular) shop of a dying mall in suburban Kansas City. Sonia struggles with retirement while inspiring everyone around her.






Saturday 10/14
4:00 pm

(doors open 3:30 pm)


The Crest


Directed by: Mark Christopher Covino

Produced by: John Kane



Film Synopsis:   Two descendants of an Irish king journey to the island where he once presided — not to reclaim the land, but to surf the waves.


The Crest documents the surprising, scenic, and brave adventures of a family estranged by time and distance, but united by a peculiar devotion to the dangers of the sea.