How to Defuse a Bomb: The Project Childrens Story


Thursday - 7:30 pm

(doors open 7:00 pm)

How to defuse a bomb: The Project Children Story
(narrated by Liam Neeson)

Directed by:  Des Henderson


Film Synopsis: Forty years ago, a New York City cop, frustrated by the daily reports of wanton violence emanating from Northern Ireland, decided he couldn’t stand idly by whilst two communities tore each other apart in what amounted to a civil war. So he came up with a plan. Denis Mulcahy, an Irish emigrant, hit upon the idea of taking children - children who he saw on the nightly news manning barricades and throwing petrol bombs - away from the violence and bringing them to America. For a summer free from marches, murder and mayhem, and where they could get to know their ‘enemy’ neighbours in a neutral environment


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